Insurance News for May 22

Prudential Finds Employer-Sponsored Return to Work Programs

‎Prudential Finds Employer-Sponsored Return to Work Programs Reduce Costs and Boost Productivity. The economic climate of the last few years has compelled employers to do more with less in all areas of their business. Having and keeping experienced, productive workers on the job is key to meeting this challenge. A new report issued by Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE: PRU), shows that by providing the right kinds of support to employees, extended disability absences can be shortened.  Select article link to read more.

Deloitte Survey: Life Insurance Providers Could Benefit by Increasing Outreach and Education

A prime reason many uninsured individuals don’t have insurance coverage is that no carrier has invited them to purchase their products, according to a Deloitte survey of life insurance buyers.  Select article link to read more.

According to a release, even insured individuals who are open to buying additional coverage often say that they have not been solicited by carriers. Select article link to read more.

Consumers Eager For Life Insurance Coverage

Uninsured individuals do not have insurance coverage because no one had offered to sell them a policy, according to a new survey that explored life insurance buyers and non-buyers’ beliefs, motivations, influences, priorities and preferences.

Deloitte’s “The Voice of the Life Insurance Consumer” study found that 62 percent of non-buyers had not received an unsolicited offer to buy life insurance in the past year compared to 44 percent of buyers. Another 30 percent said their employer does not offer life insurance as a benefit while 46 percent of buyers compared to 66 percent of those currently uninsured said they had not looked for life insurance on their own initiative.  Select article link to read more.

Brian Dunham Appointed Chief Actuary for Liberty Mutual Insurance’s Group Benefits Unit

Liberty Mutual Insurance has appointed Brian Dunham as senior vice president and chief actuary of its Group Benefits operation.

In this role, Mr. Dunham manages the actuarial function for the business unit that provides group disability and life insurance, and leave administration services, to middle market and national accounts through brokers and consultants.  Select article link to read more.

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