USI Insurance Services Acquires Assets of National Insurance Specialists

USI Insurance Services announced it has closed on the acquisition of certain assets of Toledo, Ohio-based National Insurance Specialists (NIS). The acquisition is expected to contribute approximately $1.6 million in revenues to USI on an annual basis. Terms of the …

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No two insurance companies are alike.  They all have a differing rate structures and options.  The article below will help answers some of the general questions about life insurance and the various types and options.

What Are Life Insurance rates based on?

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Life insurance premiums are as individual as your fingerprint. They’re based on your “risk profile” which is measured for the most part by your: Age. The younger you are, usually the lower your price Tobacco Use — cigarettes or other … Continue reading →

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Mortgage Insurance vs. Term Life Insurance

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The concept of buying Mortgage Insurance is tempting. And the thought of having your mortgage paid off if something happens to you is very comforting. But all mortgage insurance isn’t the same. There are two kinds, and they offer very … Continue reading →

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What a Difference a Few Dollars Can Make When Buying Term Life Insurance

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For pure, no-nonsense financial protection for your family most financial experts agree nothing beats Term Life Insurance. Unlike almost everything else today, Term Life Insurance rates at many good companies have actually decreased from several years ago. So if you … Continue reading →

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Can my Life Insurance rate be lowered after I have a policy?

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Let’s say you were overweight when you first bought Life Insurance, or you smoked, but you’ve quit for more than a year. If you have resolved any health issue that pushed you into a more expensive Life Insurance rating group, … Continue reading →

Nationwide Mutual Completes Harleysville Merger

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. said that the company completed its previously announced $834 million merger deal with Harleysville Mutual Insurance Co. The deal was first announced in September 2011. Nationwide Mutual policyholders voted to approve the merger on April 9, …